New compositor node is not visible in add menu

I am trying to create a new node Text Mask (copy of Box Mask node) for Blender Compositor. Followed the instructions given @

Build successfully but the Text Mask option is not visible in Compositor add menu.

When I debug, register_node_type_cmp_textmask function executes properly and while building rna generates properly ifor rna_nodetree.c

Need assistance regarding my issue.

The problems with these types of tutorials is that they always go out of date, this one is 5 years old so some things have changed. For the add menu, see release/scripts/startup/

In general it’s good to pick another node name that is not used much elsewhere in Blender, and then search for it in the code and check that you have modified all the same places. For example “despeckle” could be good in this case.

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Thanks a billion, is the exact location to add new node name. I would have posted here earlier and have saved a lot of time :slight_smile:

Another problem is that the information in the wiki is scattered all over the place, and by the looks of it duplicated as well, last time i needed to add a compositor node, i used as a guide. never found the page you found :neutral_face:

Do you need to rerun something when you modify the python script (

EDIT - Found it, I had to rerun the INSTALL project in visual studio.