Need help to solve problems on Corona renderer exporter for Blender 2.93

Hi. I’d like to fix some code lines inside the exporter. The old exporter works fine with Blender 2.79b and can handling LatLong map (is it HDRI i think?) when to assign HDRI to the environment. But with latest newest “beta” version it cannot be handling or something like that and gaves me this error on the Blender console:


Note that, I cannot contact with the author of an exporter because he has not puted contact info and also he has been updated an exporter a long time ago. So, please, help me to fix the code lines by myself with your thoughts and helps.

Thanks advance!

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As far as I can tell the author just never finished updating the add-on to 2.80.

If you are a Python developer and you have specific questions about how to use the Python API, those can be asked here or on one of the community forums:

But if the question is effectively, “please work on this add-on for me”, Blender developers can’t help you with that.

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Hi brecht! No, I don’t said work for me I just would like to fix this by myself but with your helps.

The Python API changes from 2.79 to 2.80 are listed in the release notes. Similarly Python API changes between newer versions can also be found in their respective release notes. For a full documentation of the API you can check the API docs.

This should give you pretty much everything you need for Blender’s side. However, if the render engine had changes in its API / file format, then you will have to find documentation for that too.