Need help on various topics

I need to understand:

  1. Details of every ShaderEvalType
  2. What is this PASS stuff? They are added to Scene and BufferParams to bake. What are they for?
  3. For a model, I need to bake AO, Diffuse, Reflection, Emissive, etc. into separate files and export the scene ( into fbx, gltf etc.) so that this model can be imported into an application where user can change diffuse images)
    I even need to bake Combined texture for read-only viewing. To achieve this, is there a way to tell Cycles to write separate image for each ShaderEvalType while baking Combined?

Please guide me.

Does “Cycles Encyclopedia” explain these things?

Thanks in advance

ShaderEvalType are different types of data to bake. PASS is for render passes. Check the Blender user manual about baking and render passes for more information.

Cycles itself does not contain code for writing baked images, it only has an API for writing baked values to an array based on triangle index and position in a triangle. So how that is written to images would be up to you.

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