Need help about colors showing

I need help! I animate on blender using the 2D animation feature, but at one point my onion skins stopped showing up, so I restarted blender and the colors from the 2D animation tab stopped showing the colors, they all have the same shade of gray (first/top image)

for comparison, the second/bottom image is what it should look like

I have taken the second screenshot by opening the 2D Full Canvas tab.

For some reason the colors are showing up everywhere else, the 2D full canvas, the rendered animation, everywhere except where I actually animate; on the 2d animation tab

I don’t know how to fix this, I’ve tried restarting blender and restarting my computer, but nothing works.

I’m not sure what exactly the problem is. Just guess It’s because you are using impropriate viewport setting for Grease Pencil. Try this:

By the way, I think you should ask these type of question in Blender Community or Blender Artist Forum for faster support :thinking:

Thank you so much! It fixed it. And I will keep the Blender Community and Blender Artist Forum in mind next time. Thank you again!

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