Need Documentation?

Hello there!

I am a technical writer/editor looking to get some hands-on experience doing software and API documentation. I’m an intermediate user of Blender, so I thought this would be a great place to get started.

I’ve done tech writing/editing for engineering projects, but not yet software/API. I am however familiar with coding basics (I took an introduction class). I am also familiar with HTML and CSS. I’ve played with Python and JavaScript, and have managed to modify pre-written code, but not much else. Would love the chance to learn more, however, especially in Python or C/C++.

Just wanted to ask here if there are any projects where I could contribute some documentation assistance!

Thank you very much,


Hi, welcome. Some todo tasks are grouped in technical-documentation project, see: blender/blender - blender - Blender Projects
You may find them interesting to work on.

You can also contribute to improve existing technical documentation: Blender Developer Wiki

If you’re interested in user manual, refer: blender-manual project

Feel free to ask if you stuck anywhere.

@ThomasDinges , any additional notes?


Oh awesome!! Thank you so much. I’ll do some reading and poking around and will reach out once I find something to grab!

Thank you!