My Blender became crushing

Please, help me to find solution of my build crashing

This video shows that my latest build crashes howewer buildbot build works fine
(same git commit)
Tell me what info i need to posting up

test file

i try raw compile by blender wiki

no result
(bug on video not alone, my build very unstable)

AFAIK Blender 2.82 use CUDA 10.1 not latest CUDA 10.2

[EDIT] i end to compile my linux version of Blender 2.82alpha 9b331e400f21 full static library on Debian 9 VM, i test your file on my primary Linux machine on OpenSUSE Tumbleweed and your file not crash following your video crashing step

thank you
yes, cuda is not to blame, this is my build environment, or something on my computer only
I will be grateful for ideas on how to catch a problem

Have you tried to remove all config and start clean?
(on Ubuntu Linux: $> rm -rf $HOME/.config/blender/2.xx...)

Yes, nothing good
But same version by buildbot works anyway

My blender-2.81 works stably
And problems happends since version became after a while 2.82

Best is to create a debug build and run through a debugger

Create debug build: make debug

then with terminal cd where the Blender executable lives and start debugger:

gdb ./blender

In the debugger command prompt start the session:


When Blender crashes generate a back trace and investigate (copy/paste here for further help)


To quit the debugger use:


Hello all
I don’t know what happend, but looks like somewhat fixed a problem
I will test more and send reply

I don’t really know, but now my blender don’t crush (since 31 dec)???
May be it happend after linux kernel updating (my old kernel was build with O3 and LTO flags, and i disable it 31 dec)
Thank you all)