Mute image texture nodes through python

Hello, is there a way to mute all image texture nodes in scene through python ?

for mat in
    if mat.use_nodes:
      nodes = mat.node_tree.nodes
      tex_nodes=[n for n in nodes if n.bl_idname=='ShaderNodeTexImage']
      for node in tex_nodes:

Any reason for doing the ShaderNodeTexImage check and mute operations in two for loops instead of one? e.g.:

for mat in
    if mat.use_nodes:
        for node in mat.node_tree.nodes:
            if node.bl_idname == 'ShaderNodeTexImage':
                node.mute = True

No reason, yours is clean and simple.
I just like to use arrays in case I need to reuse them later.

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In general, one would expect the list comprehension to be faster than the for loop. But I have not tested this particular case.