(Mutable) Parametric Modelling

As someone who is interested in CAD use-cases (woodworking) I am wondering whether parametric modelling is supported yet.
Scenario is e.g. that I want to have a single parameter, which gets used by multiple objects (e.g. for width). And later on I may wish to modify said parameter.

If not, is it on any roadmap?
And would it make sense to integrate it into Node system?

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It is being worked on currently, here is a thread you can follow for updates and discussions : https://blenderartists.org/t/everything-nodes/1116074/470
All reports and designs from the team are usually reported there by one person or another.

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I am not using nodes, but I am working on an add-on that simplifies creating parametric assets. You can find more information here.


It depend what you want to achieve. Blender has a lot of possibilities out of the box - modifiers generate a type of parametric workflow, for example.

Sorcar is quite nice, or at least I really like it.

Here’s a video, it uses nodes and is pretty well featured.