Multi-touch gesture documentation

I’m a relatively new user to Blender, and noticed that the details of how to use multi-touch gestures- when enabled - wasn’t in the docs.

I downloaded the latest docs to see what it would take to write it up, and read through the lovely inputs section in the new docs. It called out a specific list of supported inputs, not mentioning trackpad input at all, and the phrasing sounded rather specific.

Would a bit of additional detail about how the pan, zoom, and rotate work in multitouch with gestures be acceptable as an update, or is this something that’s being actively phased out?

Likewise, would it be welcome as an addition to the 3.6 docs? And if so, is there a branch or process i should use to target earlier documentation?

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Hi, I think it’d be good have this in manual. Original commit message and release notes references might help to document multi-gesture.

@Blendify , do you agree to document it?

I wasn’t entirely sure of the process and what’s allowed/expected. I created a PR and requested you and @Blendify as reviewers. Hopefully that’s not overstepping any bounds.