Multi-Platform Development


I work with both Windows and Linux. Is there a way to sync my page editing between the two?


Are these different computers?

If you don’t need realtime syncing it would be as simple as syncing the files of the git repo. I recommend syncthing for that, it doesn’t require syncing to the cloud as well.

Yes, these are different computer.

I’m marginally familiar with GitHub, which means I’d need some hand-holding with that option.

What do you mean? I didn’t suggest using github

When you mentioned “git repos”, I thought you were referring to Github.

Ah, I see. I just meant syncing the folders where you have cloned the repository.

If the source code isn’t huge, one OneDrive account would be enough to sync between multiple computers. Also one doesn’t have to maintain a remote branch for oneself.

Setting up a network shared folder is also a fine idea, as long it is protected enough.

see this too
I’m not sure how rsync works for windows

OneDrive was a consideration but since I’m new to this side of the fence, I wanted to see what’s possible. As for being huge, it would be the entire User Manual, which means both RST and HTML versions, so I don’t know how much space it would take.