Moving Blender UI translations from SVN to Git (+ weblate web interface)

Hi fellow translators,

There is a on-going effort to convert the current SVN repository (bf-translations) to a git repository. Once the final switch is done, the git repository will also be linked to a weblate website, to make the translation process much more easy and friendly.

The progress on the whole migration can be followed on the dedicated task.

A temporary test git repository already exists as well.

Regarding the conversion from SVN to git, a best effort is made to attribute each SVN commit to its author, with the relevant mail address, as currently defined in gitea instance. This seems to work successfully for most SVN committers, feel free to check your commits in the testing git repo.

We have seven ‘nick names’ from the SVN repository commits that have no known mappings to a gitea profile:

Adriel <Hemex> (31 commits)
Ali Mohazab <alirm> (2 commits)
Leevi Oksanen <Palikkalamppu> (23 commits)
Marino <MT> (5 commits)
Ondra Chládek <Ondrr> (8 commits)
Rafael Rios Saavedra <rafarios> (22 commits)
Zhaofeng Li <zhaofeng> (4 commits)

Please get in touch with us (on the blender translations chat for example) if you are one of these committers and would like to get these contributions linked to your gitea account.