Mouse forward/back button for directory navigation

I would like use the mouse buttons forward and back for the previus and next folder button shortcuts.

Currently, there are shortcuts for that in default keymap.
You just have to replace the shortcuts into User Preferences window.

Go to Keymap section, expand File Browser > File Browser(Global) section.
Do a left click on corresponding shortcut field. It becomes Blue with Press a Key message.
Then, press desired Mouse button.
Save Preferences.
And that’s all.

Thank you for your help, but I have already thought of that and it does not work (Does not recognize that I clicked a button at all.). I have a Logitech MX Master 2S mouse and in Mac OS, Finder and Safari (for example) natively support the back and forward buttons.

Well. I don’t know if it is a problem related to your mouse or your OS.
I have a simple mouse with 5 buttons under linux. That is working.

Blender is susposed to recognize a mouse with 7 buttons.
Except Left/Right/Middle buttons, other buttons are called button 4, button5, etc…

Maybe you should fill a bugreport.

That is exactly what i thought. Those so called “Forward” and “Back” buttons are to the system just mouse4 and mouse5 buttons, and that is what I thought should appear when customizing my shortcuts.

I have however figured out that is probably mouse driver related. Because when I plug in a razer mouse for which I don’t have any drivers it recognizes the buttons as mouse4 and mouse5 but then don’t work on native os apps as forward and back(Which is their most common use I persume.)

Can you please tell me if for you the buttons work as forward and back(In your linux browser) and if you can at the same time map them in blender?

Yes.I can.
I tested that while I made my first reply.

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I think I have narrowed down the problem to my OS. Seems that macos had/has some problems interpreting mouse4, … buttons. But i think since other non native macos browsers (except: Opera Browser version 60.x) support the buttons correctly this could be fixed with some extra code for the Blender Mac OS branch.