Module Recommendations for Class Project Code Reading and Review

I’m new to Blender development and am interested in diving into the source code for a class project for code reading and review. Are there any suggestions for modules to look at? I have 2-3 weeks for my project and am interested in documenting code practices. Most of my experience is in Python with some C++ (though not modern and rusty). I’m excited to take a crack at the code and having direction would be invaluable. If there is a more appropriate place to post this request, that would also be appreciated.

Thank you!

Hello @thesamuraiwho

What kind of examples are you looking for exactly? I think there are plenty of examples of well-structured, well-documented code, and there are also plenty of examples of the opposite.

Thanks for the reply @sybren ! I’m looking for a module that is reasonable in scope and size for someone who is new to look at. I believe modules are listed here, but if a smaller subsection of one is more appropriate, I will prefer that. Ideally, one that has some mix of both code that is well-structured as well as those that could be improved. However, any module is fine as long as it isn’t too large or complex. Since my project isn’t on changing the code, the core focus understanding why the code is written the way it is and style (why it does/doesn’t conform to the style guide).

Maybe the USD exporter is a nice piece of code to look at. Of course I’m biased, as I wrote much of it myself. The reason I’d recommend it, is that it’s fairly standalone and relatively new code.