Modifying a blend file


I have a blender base scene file (.blend) for several objects. I want to know how can I add additional objects to the scene and rename objects that are already existing in the base scene (.blend) file. I have the (.blend) file of each new object alone, now how can I add this to the base scene (.blend) file?

I would indeed appreciate your help



Do you mean without opening the file in Blender?

Well with or without I am not specialized in it, so any way you think possible is fine. This is the base_scene.blend fie base_scene.blend

I opened it in Blender but could not see how to modify it by adding other new objects and rename the current existing objects. It seems that through Python API it might be poissble to do it as well without openning Blender? If you can kindly advise on the easiest way, it will be highly appreciated (@ ChristophLendenfeld

I am still trying to understand what you are trying to achieve.
If you want to create or rename objects why not just open the file and do your work?
If you want the files to be added together, linking is your friend (File->Link)
Afaik it is possible to do batch processing with a shell script but I might be mistaken there.

The file you linked seems to be only the default file?