Moderators for the "Other Topics"

Since the “Other Topics” is a “community self-managed forum”, there should be some moderators from active users with rights to split/merge topics, rename, close, create/add tags…

Topics like “Blender UI paper cuts” (3500 replies) become almost useless, it could be splitted into several topics, for instance.

It could give life to “User Feedback” forum if you want to.


it looks like @MetinSeven is acting like a moderator. do you want to join as well?

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Hi @jenkm,

You can get in touch with @dfelinto to ask if he would accept another moderator. I would say you’re welcome to join us.


it would be still satisfying someday to have a clear line and transition from Right Click Select to Devtalk/Phabricator.

As an example:
I am also a G Suite admin (it’s the Google Mail/Drive/Docs for Business) and there is also a specific forum called You can also propose feature request and every quarter the developers pick the most upvoted feature request. The moderators post a short statement from the dev team and change the status from “open” to “rejected” “in consideration” “planned” “in progress” and “done”. The status will also updated according to the current development.
After that a new quarter begins where the votes start from 0. So new feature requests can be made (duplicates have to be eliminated/close as soon as possible).

The advantages are that the community can be involved and the actual relevant requests are sorted and visible while everything distracting will be eliminated.

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I agree that there is room for improvement of the pipeline between user feedback and developer tasks. It’s complex though, as users can be pushy, and suggestions would have to be carefully filtered and organized, and developers should not be bothered by that.

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Pushy and super sensible if their demand is not the highest priority - I absolutely agree with that.

But just like the “Tracker Curfew” the same can begin with the community.

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More moderators : )

Just so we’re clear, I’m not talking about full-fledged moderators here. Just give more power (split/merge topics, rename, close) to some “advanced” users, automatically when they reach some level. And only for self-managed categories, not the full forum.

Although it’s just an idea, maybe it won’t work.

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@jenkm ?

I’m not sure that Discourse has a lot of privilege settings, but at least there is Trust Level 4 Leader.