Missing GL/gl.h Error While Building Blender On Ubuntu

Hi all, I am trying to build blender on Ubuntu, following the standard documentation: Building Blender/Linux/Ubuntu - Blender Developer Wiki.

I made it to the “update and build” step without issue, but when I run make, it fails with the following error:

fatal error: GL/gl.h: No such file or directory.

I’m using the recommended pre-compiled libraries, and if I look in blender-git/lib/linux_x86_64_glibc_228 I do see that there is an opengl directory in there (which I think is what make is looking for?).

Anyone have any suggestions on what to do here?

update: I was able to get it to build by apt-get installing both mesa-common-dev and also libegl-dev. Not sure why lebegl-dev was missing, I thought instal_linux_packages.py was supposed to install that.