Missing documentation for Vertex Weight Modifier

Hello Friends,

I tried to get the Vertex Weight modifier to work, without success. And so i tried to read about it in the Manual. It seems that the vertex weight modifier is missing in the current manual.

Is this worth a bug report into the regular blender bug tracker? Or best reported here?

Kind regards

The screenshot is showing the Modifiers for Grease Pencil, here’s the link to modifiers for modeling:

Hi Julian,
This modifier is for the grease pencil only. That’s why i show a screenshot for the grease pencil. And it is of course also not in the list of modeling modifiers. Since it is a grease pencil only modifier. As told, this part of the documentation is missing.

Oh right, I totally forgot about the new vertex weight for grease pencil. I’d guess is just not ready yet because Blender 3.0 is still in Alpha, and the manual is updated for 2.93 AFAIK

Dealing with different versions can be confusing sometimes ^^
You are right. In 2.93 this modifier doesn’t exist. But is also missing in the upcoming Blender 3.0 manual.

thanks for reporting it, it is indeed missing in the docs.

@antonioya added the new grease pencil modifier. Antonio, can you please add the docs for it? :slight_smile:


Matias is our “document manager”… I will ask him to add it :wink:


I’ve just updated all new Grease Pencil Weights Modifiers on the manual


Awesome, thank you Matias!

Awesome. Also from me a big thanks :slight_smile: