Microsoft Access connecting in Blender

When I connect a Microsoft Access database in Blender with python,I found that the keyboard is invalid and lost any function.How solve this problem?

Without more details, a random guess is you are making a blocking call somewhere that renders Blender unresponsive.

Actually,I just connect Access in python script,you can see the code:
self.conn = pypyodbc.win_connect_mdb(r"Driver={Microsoft Access Driver (.mdb,.accdb)};DBQ=" + self.path + “;Pwd=888888;”)
self.cur = self.conn.cursor()
self.sql_search = “SELECT * FROM data_blender where delete=False”
self.data_proj = self.cur.fetchall()

I can get the data from Access,there is no problem,but then the keyboard is invalid in Blender.
For test, I start a new thread to connect Access,but the problem is still exist.