Mesh Subdivide node different from Subdivide command

I would like to ask if there are any plans to either make Mesh Subdivide identical to the Edit Mode Subdivide command, or at least introduce more options to the node for those of us who want that behaviour.
Currently Mesh Subdivide behaves more like the Subdivision Surface modifier/node [quad subdivision], except that it doesn’t smooth the positions of the original vertices. The Edit Mode Subdivide, on the other hand, subdivides triangles into smaller triangles, and quads into smaller quads (and completely ignores ngons). Number of cuts also differs in principle from Subdivision Level.

For my current specific use case, I’d like to have a node network that generates a hex grid with configurable tile size and grid radius, which I can’t really do with the current nodes (no loops, and the subdivide cuts my base hex into quads).

Yes, they are different currently. The Mesh Subdivide node uses OpenSubdiv still, just without any smoothing.

We were looking into this a while ago, but found it to be a bit slower in the cases we tested:

D10795: Geometry Nodes: Using BMesh Subdivide Operation for the Subdivide Node

However it seems we should just commit this anyway, as the tests cases were quite simple, and the speed of the BMesh operation could always be improved.