Mesh selecting inconsistency - box select, lasso

maybe it is a bug, I don’t know.


  1. Set select mode do edges, and use box select. First time, edges will select only if they are completely framed by box select. Next time if box select equal to previous one, edges select even just part of them are framed.

  1. it’s looks like a feature, but in face select mode faces select if just part of them are framed. And no difference between first and second time

In my opinion will be great, the way how to select objects (partly or completely) may depends of direction of box select or lasso, for example box from right to left select completely framed objects, right-left - partly framed.

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Edges are not like faces.
When vertices at extremities of an edge are framed. it can correspond to edges inside an area or edges inside the area + edges of border of area.
That is good to have a solution to be able to select edges without selecting border.

But a quad face is bordered by other quad faces. So, this problematic is not diferent than a selection of vertices. Face is selected or not.