Memory After Purge All in Blender 2.8

Is there anyone know why in Blender 2.8 when I try to purge all the unused data, it doesn’t seem reduce memory significantly ? while in Blender 2.79, memory turn down really significant.
Try this simple example in Blender 2.79 :

  1. Create Icosphere,
  2. Subdivide it 8x in edit mode until face count around 1.3 million,
  3. Go back to Object Mode,
  4. Check Memory on Top of Info Editor, it takes around 300 MB in object mode,
  5. Delete the Icosphere,
  6. Go to Outliner, choose Orphan Data, then click Purge All
  7. See Memory on Top of Info Editor again, it goes down to 11 MB

Do the same in Blender 2.8, you will notice on step 7, memory will stay at around 300 MB if not more (see Memory info at the bottom left window)

Is this just a known limitation for Blender 2.8 ? or I might missing something here ?
Oh ya I’m using Blender 2.8 rc2.

Thanks !