Meeting Notes: 3 March 2021

Present: Campbell Barton, Hans Goudey, Julian Eisel, Nathan Craddock, Pablo Vazquez

Meeting only covered general design review and tasks. Was quite productive in that regard :slight_smile:

We’ll do an extra meeting on the Asset Browser soon.

General Design Review and Tasks

  • D10187: Subdivision Modifier: link levels option and changed defaults to 1
    • In general this locking pattern is nice, we’d like to use it a lot more.
    • Should be implemented on UI level (to make it available as general feature and to not break scripts).
    • Contributions welcome, Hans will create a TODO task and talk to contributors.
    • For the particular case of subdivision levels it’s not too useful. Seems a bit odd to have it there but not in more useful places (e.g. render resolution).
    • Changing default render subdivision level to 1 seems reasonable. But might be better to wait for 3.0 (not too likely, but changes like this could break scripts doing weird things).
  • D9853: Alternative Fix for T80313: Clipped text in splash screen on hiDPI monitors
    • Main argument for the patch is that it works better with translations. E.g. with Spanish, none of the current buttons are wide enough.
    • Decision: Make the spacebar enum a menu, keep the mouse selection one expanded.
  • Question for multi-input node socket review
    • More of a question on the implementation.
    • It suggests to remove non-circle-shaped socket support which isn’t used by default. This was initially added for custom node trees, for which we should still use it.
    • Hans will leave feedback in the task.
  • T84188: Avoid clipping data-block name in data-block menu because of library name
    • What we have now addresses the issue pretty well already. We could go furher but depends on how much more time that would take.
    • Would also be nice to entirely replace the “L”/“O”/“F” (linked, overriden, fake user) letters with icons. But then we’d have to show multiple icons.
    • Pablo suggests using multiple lines in the search menu: fe4fe8b641951e15a0a18c2574bd8701
    • Could be done, although some tweaks would probably have to be made to the design. Needs further discussion.
  • T84038: Warning almost unreadable due to color scheme
    • Generally the proposed patch looks good. Pablo will give feedback on the visuals.
  • T83326: Properties Editor Popover
    • Keep as is (3 options: enabled, disabled, shared edge based), just change how the options are named.
  • T83693: Keymap design (general discussion)
    • Campbell will work on this over the next days and commit it as experimental features.
    • Pablo will give design feedback, but overall agrees.
  • D10224: Preset case preserving
    • Patch can be accepted. Lower case names are fine.
    • URL quoting as Campbell suggested can still be added if wanted.

Next Meeting: TBD