Meeting Notes: 21 January 2021

Present: Campbell Barton, Hans Goudey, Julian Eisel, Nathan Craddock


  • Experimental features:
    • For the Add Object tool this was used, but could’ve worked better.
    • Most feedback was still given after it became non-experimental.
    • In the alpha phase, experimental features can be enabled by default more often.
  • Campbell asked about how we feel about the workboard; if we find it useful.
    • Release column is very useful.
    • In general the workboard can be useful, but of course there are many tasks, it’s not too organized.
    • Julian suggests that’s probably fine for now. Active tasks can be organized well, besides that, it’s more important to have an honest view of the state of the module than to have a clean workboard. (Don’t sweep issues under the rug.)
    • For bigger projects, create (sub-)projects and milestones more often. Like done for Geometry Nodes and the Asset Browser.
    • Try to assign the “Good First Issue” task more often. We can promote such issues to contributors then.
    • Papercuts
      • We could make more use of the papercuts workboard too.
      • Preparing a list of easy to solve papercuts could help getting contributors interested.
      • On the other hand, that would require more patch review and helping.
      • For now the papercuts simply aren’t our focus. It’s still a good idea to collect them, hopefully we can give them more attention before too long.

2.92 Release

  • Bug sprint
    • Work on classifying reports (60+ at beginning of the bug sprint)
    • Module members are welcome to help with this.
  • Add object tool
    • Use “Default” orientation when not mouse hovering and object. Otherwise, “Surface”.
    • Make axis switching an option (off by default).
    • Pablo can check if further design tweaks (size, color, opacity, etc.) should be done.

2.93 Release

  • Asset Browser
    • Categories could be created dynamically, e.g. IDTypeInfo could have a data-member or callback to define a category. Non-ID assets could provide it in a similar way.
    • The Blender Institute organized things so the project can be worked on for 6-8 weeks by a squad of 5+ people, starting Feb 1.
    • Milestone 1 and pose libraries should be talked this way.
    • More information should soon be published by the Institute.
  • Tool System
    • Campbell will be involved with the Asset Browser the coming weeks, has less time for the tool system.
    • He will try to squeeze time for keymap work in (alternative keymap using the gizmos by default; hold Alt to activate gizmo from anywhere).
    • All sorts of polish could be done, mostly gizmos to be added or improved, not so much on the tool system side.
    • Help welcome.
    • Extended Camera Gizmos (T57234):
      • Better not implement 2D widget support (number buttons, menus, etc.) for gizmos yet, but we could do it in future.
      • For now button-like gizmos can stay simple (no keyframing, text input, etc.)
    • Add Object Tool: Plane & Circle will be added as “Good First Issue”.

Next Meeting: 2021-02-03, 9PM CET