Mean Crease problem

Hello everyone,

I am decreasing the Mean Crease value to some edges, but it doesn’t affect all of them.

I can make only one to work, see below. My goal is to make all of them work.

Thank you for the help :slight_smile:

And I have this as modifier to the cylinder

It’s possible you have double edges at the location where the mean crease is zero. And that could be causing the issue. But without access to the .blend file I can’t say for sure.

An extra thing that might be useful. This site ( is not the best place to ask for support in using Blender or resolving issues. Instead you should consult one of the sites in this list: Community —

A second thing is that if you believe you’ve found a bug in Blender, it’s best to make a bug report for it by opening Blender, selecting from from the top Help -> Report a bug and filling out the relevant information about the bug.