Math node with more than 2 inputs?

Is there a reason math node accepts only 2 inputs? In some cases it might be nice to throw a lot of value into only 1 math node to keep node tree simple and clean.

Cheers and thanks to all developers.

Most math operations (ie +, -, *, cos , sin etc) are either unary or binary in nature , hence the one or two inputs on the node.

If you want to clean up your node tree, use a group node, that’s what they are for.

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For addition or multiplication is simply not implemented.
Math nodes can take on more than 2 values, such as a soft minimum.
There is one reason I have not seen multi-input socket in other node systems before, outside of geometry. So there may be a technical or conceptual difficulty, but it’s more of a question for who will do it.

For reference, if we are talking about an operation
Sum(Inputs: FieldA, FieldB, 5, FieldC, Position, …) = NewField

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Ah OK, thanks. I did the group node, but still could be nice to have that option for add and multiply

. Not a pressing issue though, so…

Yes for add and multiply options it would be nice.