Material bug?

hello, i have a recurrent problem with material. sometimes when i create a material I always get this Pink. There is nothing I can do to fix it.

this is a brand new blender file with the default cube.

is this a bug or a settting i have cheked and I don’t know?

Try after updating the drivers… to remove settings as suspect, File > Default > load factory settings.

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aparently if i load factory settings, it is still pink and my driver are up to date.
i have a 1060 gtx

Please report potential bugs like this directly in the bug tracker, using Help > Report a Bug.

In this case it’s helpful to run blender_debug_gpu.cmd that is included in the Blender installation, and attach the resulting logs to the report. Pink usually means a shader compiler error, and the logs would have that error.

ok thanks i will do it as soon as possible.