"make update" is not working

I was trying to build Goo-Engine, when I encountered an issue, namely: "C:\blender-git\goo-engine>make update
‘make’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

I have installed all the required resources for Windows to the best of my ability, but I still can’t get this code to run. Similiarly, “make” doesn’t work either.

Any help would be really appreciated :slight_smile:

We can only support building blender here, for forks and branches please seek help from their creators

you can find our build instructions over at Building Blender - Blender Developer Wiki no idea how that translates to Goo since i’ve never build it.

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Try ./make update instead, that’s what worked for me. Talking about compiling blender here, I have no experience with the fork you’re using.

Well, if make is not working, then there are other options also available, such as cmake and msbuild.

The command sequence for compiling goo engine is identical to the standard instructions for compiling blender. The only difference is the URL/directories used for the git source.

If the command isn’t available, then you’ve skipped a step, a step didn’t finish (such a library downloads), or something didn’t make it to the correct directory.

As noted, support here is only for standard blender. I’m simply typing it here so that it may be a quick assist answer in the future, as this has come up before. I always recommend that someone who is not familiar with the process, to completely compile standard blender and be sure it works so that they become familiar with the process first.

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