Make Offset keyframable in Follow Path constraint

The “normal” Blender way of using a curve’s Path Animation Frame and Evaluation Time properties is confusing, since it requires math to figure out where on a curve the Evaluation Time is and also constant adjustment if you want to change the animation length or frame rate.

Since the Offset always goes between 0 and 1 regardless of animation length or framerate, it’s super easy to keyframe (and then would also work exactly like, for example, Unreal Engine 4).

(This would also enabling scrubbing back and forth along the curve during playback.)


Also, since Offset cannot go beyond 0 or 1, it should really be renamed “Position”.

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Well, you can keyframe it. Hover over it and hit the I key, or right click -> Insert Keyframe.

But it really should have the dot like in your screenshot so that it’s clear that you can keyframe it.

Ah, thank you for the information.

I guess this is now a good example on how a seemingly tiny Ux detail can become a insurmountable wall for a new user.

(In Unreal Engine, if the equivalent of the dot isn’t there, that 100% means that you can’t keyframe it, so Blender needs to be consistent on this matter as well.)