Make it possible for --window-fullscreen and --window-geometry flags to work together (or, add ability to spawn a borderless window)

Executing Blender from the command line with both the --window-geometry and --window-fullscreen flags causes a fullscreen window to appear, making the --window-geometry flag useless.
It should be possible to use those flags together to create a borderless window with a specific geometry, or either the software should support a new flag (e.g. --window-borderless) to spawn a borderless window that does not use the “fullscreen” window state.

If some way of achieving the same result is already possible, please give me some advice on how to do it.
I’m open to modify the source code myself if needed, both Python (preferred) and C.

Thank you.

There’s currently nothing that’ll allow for that, the flag --window-fullscreen having fullscreen in it’s name is somewhat indicative of what its main purpose is.

As for patching the code, I’m not sure we ever had a use-case that required it so on our end there’s no direct need for it. I’m also unsure if the UI team would accept a patch like that, @Harleya may have some insights there.

What is your use case for this? Without other changes you’d end up with a window without a caption bar that you couldn’t move, minimize or maximize or easily close. And possibly not even resize.

If you can describe what you would use this for perhaps there is wider appeal than I can imagine, or there might be some nicer alternative we can make.

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I somewhat see the usefulness, but wouldn’t go for --fullscreen + --geometry becausem fullscreen should be fullscreen.

In the hypothetical case that this is added I’d think --borderless-window is the better choice.

Hmmm… I was hoping you were going to explain the usefulness. Otherwise without further details this request can be read as:

  • Initial size: set by --window-geometry or an arbitrary size set by Harley that does not take up the entire monitor
  • Initial position: set by --window-geometry or an arbitrary place set by Harley
  • Not movable: I want no way to drag the window to a different location.
  • Not resizable: I want no way to change the size of the window
  • No Minimize or Maximize buttons.
  • No indication of the file name and path of the open blend file
  • No indication that the opened file has changed

There could be really interesting reasons to have the above. I just want to know some of them.

Well, I can’t really speak for what the original poster want to use it for. I have used similar trickery in the (far) past for a kiosk-like setup of a drawing app on some fair.

But I have no clue how often that sort of thing applies to blender. Best to wait for the original poster on that :wink:

I mainly wanted to express my opinion that I’d think re-using the --fullscreen-window option for something that’s not full screen seems illogical to me.

No worries. I just love hearing about interesting uses and ideas I hadn’t thought of before.

Yes, that makes sense. Thanks!