Make Blender builds running with VFX Platform recommandations (glibc)

There is a standard in the VFX industry to use common tools to make sure that everything is working well between applications. All the specifications are here:

The softwares like Maya, Nuke and Houdini tend to respect it. The same for studios and their custom applications, which make really easy to deploy scripts and tools compatible for both Maya and Nuke for instance.

Blender is build on different tools like Python3 or its own graphical toolkit not based on Qt and that is not a problem. But now that Blender is build on glibc 2.24, it makes it not working on most of the Linux distributions that studios use because most of them use CentOS7 that use glibc 2.17. Blender can’t run on it.

I’m not saying at all that Blender should match to those standard but at least, any user of those studios should be able to download a build from the website and launch it.
Is there a plan to provide another build based on older glibc version or it will stay like that?

I’m working in one of those studios and make a portable build on Linux doesn’t seems that easy. Unfortunately, some of our tools uses Blender and it doesn’t work anymore with last builds. There are probably other studios in the same situation.


Hi @VincentGires VFXPlatform adherence has already been discussed and is not going to happen anytime soon at least not until B28 will be out of beta and for some time.
To be said though, blender is not far already from having many dependencies close.

For building on c7 , there’s also a discussion about it already: Unable to run blender 2.80 in RHEL/CentOS 7

hope it helps.

more informations about vfx platoform and vfx in general :