macOS Cycles GPU Compute rendering with OpenCL

Hey, I just started with blender and got the basics. (i think)
I’ve tried to render with my Radeon RX 580 8 GB graphics card.
But it’s isn’t working at all. I watched some Tutorials how to enable OpenCL based
graphics card for my homemade mac. But nothing worked…
Is there any solution to render on my graphics card with OpenCL?

Thank you in advance!

GPU rendering is not supported with cycles on mac, as the manual points out.

Thanks for your fast awnser.
And there is really no other way as rendering on CPU on a mac?

Does the support for apple may come back in the future?

Look up & and search for Vulcan what is in the plans. But that won’t be in blender v3.0 or anytime soon.
Here you find the answers: vulkan blender - Google zoeken