Mac Silicon

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I have not seen it mentioned anywhere, so I make this little note about it.

On (20:35)

Apple mentions that they have made the groundwork for Blender on Apple Silicon

Maybe some other can expand on it.



Thanks EAW

How to read/interpreiate it? Is it already done?


I would have responded sooner, but it wasn’t until now that I came across the task to add macOS: Support arm64, which shows that there are steps that still need to be done.

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I was wondering the same thing, Apple claiming that Blender will be ready for their new Silicon while the devs probably scratched their head “we are? How come nobody told us?”
I feel they just wanted to mention a lot of different tools, being ready, to not let on about the reality that most are not yet.

Is this thread repeating what was written at What does Apple Mac switching to custom ARM mean for Blender? ?

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