Luna hardware developer in Blender development: iPad would be able to do Blender sculpting and drawing

I purchased and returned a Luna device for macOS earlier this year. I returned it because Blender was unsupported. Yesterday the support team of Luna reached out and asked about Blender requirements. I wanted to find someone in the community to start a conversation about using Luna with Blender.

Advantage if we get this working properly:

Give users the ability to draw with an Apple Pencil on an iPad to do Blender drawings and 3D sculpting.

If I understand the point of Luna correctly- it essentially turns the ipad into an external monitor and streams video and input over wifi. Assuming this is correct, I’m not sure why it wouldn’t work out of the box- Blender supports monitors and stylus input (which is basically the same as mouse input). So long as their hardware is emulating both correctly it should ‘just work’ the same way any other monitor or stylus works in Blender.

That said- Blender makes heavy use of the GPU- so if Luna is also requiring a lot of GPU time to transcode a video stream I could see a potential conflict happening there.

The question about requirements from the support team seems sort of a generic reply. Blender is already mentioned in the Astropad website and documentation. I imagine that if there is some technical problem or limitation, they can give a better explanation, or their developers can reach out to us directly with questions.

I know some users have successfully used the macOS sidecar feature with an iPad.

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Here is the one link on Blender. It concerned Windows not macOS.

My issue was lack of support for Blender on macOS.

I followed up with Hoang of AstroPad/Luna Display QA Support, and pointed him to this thread in my email.

Sidecar works flawlessly and it detects pen pressure perfectly :ok_hand:

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