LTS Distribution: remove EOL LTS from stores

I have been browsing the listing of Blender apps on MS Store, and I noticed that the Blender LTS 2.83 is still listed there. As that is no longer getting any updates now for sure, I think that any store listings for end-of-life editions should be removed.


Even though there are no updates anymore, the software still works. And for some people with older hardware it’s the only option. So I’m not sure about that…

We still provide builds back to 2.7x on Steam as well. It might be a good idea to mark 2.83 as EOL though on the store description.

umh, just to clarify, i don’t have any problem with the inherent availability of older builds. In fact, older builds are crucial, and one distinguishing outcome of FOSS philosophy.

My main point is that,

  • old builds should not be shown upfront - directly in conflict with latest stable and confusing a new comer (yes, i have been several times in the past for other softwares).
  • This is done pretty well in project’s own websites, …
  • But i don’t think the proprietary and proprietary oriented MS store would be providing any such flexibility …

That is to say, that i don’t know of a solution to the problem.

Umh wait, one solution which can be easily fitted such stores can be - if there’s option to mark an app as “unlisted” (same as in youtube lingo) - that is, not discoverable on its own, but accessible only with direct link.

Then, that link can be given via some section in blender website. This will keep the older listing available to those who need it (though, with a li’l more effort), and the latest one will be unambiguously standing high in the store.