Low performance with 2 GPU in viewport and renders

I have problem with GPU and Blender and any other 3d or other editing programs, this problem is may be a general issue but I’m a Blender person.
For 3, 4 days I’m using pc that has 2x RTX 2080 Ti(One of MSI and the other one is Asus) with the AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X 16-Core CPU, 64 GB RAM.

With this high-end GPU’s and CPU the performance I see on Blender or any other program is garbage. I try everything that I could do, like format the windows or updating drivers or benchmarks etc. but I did not understand with that 2x high-end GPU I’m getting garbage performance.
Is there anyone has solution for this weird performance problem or is there anyone can give me idea for to fix this.
by the way I did not get any error and i did check Preferences > System > Cycles Render Devices > CUDA …

I would recommend to try Linux to check if the performance problem is tied to the OS or to the hardware itself.

You can try installing POP OS which comes with an easy way to get proper Nvidia drivers and then try latest alpha and see if performance is better or worse than what it should be.

Also if you can try posting some benchmark times so the rest of us can confirm your performance is poor or is as expected.

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