Looking for reviewers for improving Python API Docs

I put up ⚙ D16400 Add default values for bmesh API to docs but I have to admit I have not discussed it with devs beforehand. Should I wait for someone to have a look at it, or do I need to do more “marketing” to get someone to have a look at the diff? The diff itself should be well documented and straightforward to merge in.

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Hi @xixixao

Thanks for the offer to help!

One thing that I notice when I glance over the patch description is that you’re referring to third-party websites. Such links can (and do) go stale over time. It’s better to attach files to the patch directly.

Having said that, it’s always good to reach out to developers first and discuss your ideas. That way you can get feedback before you spend time coding. Starting the coding work before you even know whether your idea will be accepted incurs the risk of spending that time for nothing.

@sybren thanks for the reply. That all sounds like good general advice. Do you know which developers I should reach out to and how specifically for this change, besides the ones I already have set as reviewers on the diff? For the ones I selected already (based on past blame and diffs), should I reach out to them and how?

blender.chat is the main communication channel for day-to-day things. I’d suggest asking around there.

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