Looking for a teacher

Hello I’m a new user of Blender and I would like to have a teacher.
I’m maybe in the wrong category but I don’t know in what category this message is.
By the way, I am really motivated to learn Blender and I am french but I speak and understand english.
I wanna learn modeling and I think it’s better to have a teacher who I can send to him my works and he will say what I must correct.
please devtalk’s staff, do not delete my message

Devtalk is primarily for talking about Blender development. You should look else where for learning how to use Blender.

As for recommendations of sites to try to find a teacher, I personally don’t know of any, but I assume there are some. You can try online tutorials if you want. You can’t send your work to the teacher, but they can help you learn some skills. Blender Guru has a good set of tutorials for people new to Blender here: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjEaoINr3zgEq0u2MzVgAaHEBt--xLB6U

You can also check some of the community websites for Blender to see if you can get some help from people over there: Community — blender.org

Yeah, I think this is only relevant to the dev talk forum if you mean a teacher for Blender or addon development?

If you’re just looking for general Blender instruction, you might check out cgcookie.com, which is not one-on-one teaching but you can ask the instructors (including myself) questions on any video, submit exercises to be graded, and ask for feedback from everyone on the forum. I used to refer people to the Blender Network site for finding one-on-one trainers, but it looks like that’s been down for quite some time already. I also do some individual training on my own time occasionally over skype but it heavily depends on the situation. You could also try posting to Blender Artists instead.

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indeed, this forum is only for Blender development. You can find a list of support resources here: Support — blender.org

Closing this thread.