Log output location


I’ve built the source code using CMAKE and am running the executable out of /home/brent/blender-git/build/bin

Where are the outputs from BKE_reportf going to end up?

        reports, RPT_INFO, "Object '%s' already has a Rigid Body Constraint", ob->id.name + 2);


I feel qualified to talk about it :slight_smile: (my GSoC is about logging & reporting)

In master:

  • if you are in background mode, reports will be written to console
  • in general reports can be viewed in info editor
    – memory is owned by wmWindowManager, info editor operates directly on this struct, but
    – in various locations in code you can create your own copies of ReportList which end up god knows where
    – if ReportList has a flag RPT_PRINT it will be printed
    – if ReportList has flag RPT_STORE it will be stored (and visible in info editor)

note, Log in strict meaning is different from Report (see CLOG_INFO), but currently it is a bit messy, I am making big changes to reports and logs on My branch named soc-2020-info-editor (pretty unstable at a time, write if you need help starting it).