Load factory settings WITHOUT closing the current file or opening a new one

I did something wrong to the settings in my file and unfortunately some GENIUS sarcasm thought it was a good idea to make the ‘Load Factory Default Setting’ button to not actually do THAT at all. In fact the button quite literally only opens a brand new file. It does not in fact load factory default settings at all.

What I expected the button to do is take all the settings that I have changed while working on my file and changed them all back to what they were before I fiddled with them and leave my current file open. Instead it closed my file (not what i wanted), and when I reopened it, all the changed settings were still screwed up from my meddling.

I want the magic undo button to undo the settings themselves and nothing else.

There are two options for loading factory settings. There’s “Load Factory Settings” and “Load Factory Preferences”

I’m not entirely sure what you want to achieve by loading the factory settings, but I will explain each option to you.

If you select from the top of Blender File -> Defaults -> Load Factory Settings the Blender default startup file and Blender default preferences will be loaded. I personally use this for testing a bug to make sure I can reproduce it from Blender defaults as I have made a lot of changes in my own defaults.

If you select from the top of Blender Edit -> Preferences then in the bottom left of the Preferences window select Three lines icon -> Load Factory Preferences then all user configured preferences such as the theme, keyboard shortcuts, and other settings will be reset to the Blender default.

Note: Once you close Blender, everything will revert to the way you had set everything up. Unless you explicitly press the buttons to save the preferences or startup file to replace your current preferences or startup file.

It should be noted that this may not fix the issue you’re experiencing. If the issue is with a property you have configured in a .blend file, then that issue will remain in that .blend file until you adjust the settings back to a value that works for you.

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Depending on what’s wrong with the file, another option is to load the default settings from File -> Defaults -> Load Factory Settings and then open the file with Load UI disabled. That way anything you may have messed up in the editors would be restored. (Obviously you’d loose every custom workspace and editor settings doing so).

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I usually load my files from the quick start screen when the program loads so i was unaware of this option already existing in the File/open/ page. Thank you