List of extensions tags for translation

Message for anyone maintaining a third-party extensions platform or self-hosting.

If you are planning to use a different set of tags than the ones used by Blender Extensions Platform, please submit a pull request to

This should be done as soon as possible, otherwise they won’t get picked up by the translation team.

More details

Blender supports tag-filtering for extensions listing. It uses every tag used by every extensions from all the repositories.

Example of list based on the tags used by


Although the Blender Extensions Platform limits which tags are supported, Blender itself has no such a rule. However, for tags to be shown localized in Blender, Blender needs to be aware of them.

For the records, Blender will display the tag filter for all tags available in all repositories, regardless of where they are present in this file or not. This file is only used for UI translation.

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