Linux vs Windows performance


I found this youtube video explaining Blender runs much faster (in most scenarios) in Linux.

Can somebody tell me the reason why it runs faster in Linux?
Below I found a possible explanation. Does anybody know this is the real reason?


From my understanding, the main difference in CPU performance between Windows and Linux is the compiler.

A compiler is a piece of software that takes the code written by humans and turns it into machine code.

The Windows and Linux builds of Blender use different compilers, and as a result they can produce different machine code that has different performance characteristics.

I believe if you run the Linux version of Blender on Windows through the WSL service, you will see some of these CPU performance improvements on “Windows”.

i just leave this here - maybe some of developers see this and maybe will do some thing “about it” because THIS IS WERY STRANGE.
In short BLNDER + CYCLES work(render) FASTER in virtual machine (WSL-Windows Subsystem for Linux) in linux UNDER windows instead of windows itself.

For me it is VERY strange.
I (kinda) understand when blender work faster under linux but when blender even in WSL work faster - it is too much :joy:

The answer is very obvious and on the surface. I’m surprised that it is even a question. XD You are comparing two absolutely different things. One being a proper operating system with sole purpose of running software and the second being a sophisticated mechanism for gathering telemetry data and breaching privacy in any way possible and gathering as much data possible in real time while running software packages. No wonder that Operating System (Linux) runs programs faster than telemetry gathering mechanism. :rofl: But, seriously, telemetry takes loads of resources.