Linux Boost version confusion, still 1.48 under Linux?

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I am a bit confused about what Boost version gets used under Linux when you tick static to use the precompiled libs. The most actual version is 1.78 from what i know. So this should be used when not building with static. Windows uses version 1.73 for the precompiled libs. I expect that Linux uses an equal boost version number then. But i cannot find out this part, since, different from Windows, the files in lib/linux_centos7_x86_64/boost/lib has no version numbers.

And while diving into the cmake files i stumbled across a version number 1.48, which sounds not right. This version is from Blender 2.7x, and long outdated. But i get in fact a cmake warning when i remove the version number from this cmake file that the new boost version may have incorrect or missing dependencies and imported targets. So the version 1.78 seems to high.

What boost version is used when building with static / not static? Does it still compile with Boost version 1.48? Or with 1.73 or 1.78? And is the version number 1.48 in the cmake file an overlooked value? Or by design?

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The version used for the static precompiled libraries can be seen in build_files/build_environment/cmake/versions.cmake, and is 1.73 currently. has the same version also.

The version passed to find_package is the minimum required version.

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Many thanks for the informations Brecht :slight_smile:

I have libboost 1.74 currently installed on my Debian Unstable system, and my build of Blender 3.0 links against that.

Can’t see anything newer than that in the Debian repos (yet) …