Linking taking forever on Linux

I’ve just set up a new Linux machine, bog standard Ubuntu 19.04

I’ve got Blender compiling okay, but linking seems to take an extraordinarily long time. I’m not sure what’s normal, but anything from 15 minutes, to literally never finishing when left overnight for a full debug build (it hangs on alembic_tests).

The machine has 8gb RAM and another 8gb of swap. The same machine has no trouble building on Windows.

Any suggestions on what to look for?

You can disable those Alembic tests by setting WITH_GTESTS to OFF.

This build option is not enabled by default, so I suggest to look at whatever else might been changed from the default to figure out if any of those things are causing the issue. If you ran make developer to enable developer options like these tests, then maybe disabling WITH_COMPILER_ASAN helps.

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