Lineart branch and OpenColorIO build errors

I am no longer able to complete builds for the LineArt branch for a month now, due to opencolorio errors, 67 Errors consistently. I have committed to maintaining the builds and users are asking for updates. I have contacted the Developer, Yiming Wu and I hope that Blender Institute in coordination with Yiming Wu can rectify this lack of coordination in the build Libraries. Currently 6,000 user downloads have taken place on Please help to get this back into positive build status. Thank you.

You need to either:

  • Get the developer to merge latest master into the branch
  • Use an older version of the libraries, switching the svn libraries to the blender-2.92-release tag will likely work

The branch that is currently being worked on is now:

We merge this one with master somewhat regularly.

Note that this branch is missing the asynchronous lineart updates (so blender becomes quite hard to work with on bigger scenes).