Light Clamping Make the render overly saturated

I’m always wondering why do light clamping always make the render overly saturated? it’s like the final render result are processed using tonemap node without color correction applied in compositor. Well it’obviously it’s not 100% similar with tonemaped image. Is there a way to use clamping without affecting the saturation?
No Clamping Denoised

Direct+Indirect Clamping Denoised

I think it’s not saturating the render, it’s simply clamping the maximum energy value of those pixels, in that case you have clamping too low, try increasing the clamping value.

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Alright let me try it out, Truth is i never messing with the clamping value and it always set to 10. A least until now. It’s just i kinda like the color without using light clamping, but obviously we all know it also adding more noise.
I’m trying to fine the balance on the value. I wonder what was the best value range though :thinking:

Test with 60, it greatly depends on your scene, but values between 60 and 120 works for me in the majority of situations.
Also we are talking about indirect clamping, direct clamping is always disabled in general, at least for me :slight_smile:

Ah 90-130 indirect clamping give me a good result here. I’ll stay with that then.
Thanks for the help @JuanGea


Awesome :slight_smile:
Very beautiful render :+1:

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Thanks, now i know what to do to get natural tone for rendering :smile: