Library Overrides and Text Objects


I came here after hours and hours of trying to wrap my head around links and library overrides. What I’m trying to do is to have multiple links of the same source file, and within that source file I’ve got a text object that needs to be modified on each and every instance in the main scene.

Basically, I have many instances of the same object, which is what library overrides are for.

I’ve managed to get the scene linked fine, made sure to set the library override on the text object itself, but then I can’t edit it. When attempting to edit the text object, it says “Unable to execute ‘Toggle Edit Mode’”. That’s fine, fair enough. Library Override is a fairly new feature and I wouldn’t expect it to work on everything on the first go.

After spending the entire day digging through the source, trying to understand if there was something I could do(and getting thoroughly lost trying to do so) as well as tinkering with things in the editor, I finally managed to get it to work by using library overrides on the curve object, then using a script to set the text itself. Unfortunately the data doesn’t persist though, and so now I have a script run at load_post which sets the text manually.

As of now, I finally have something that sorta works, but it’s not very elegant and definitely something that Library Override should handle, if I’m not mistaken. Is there any way we could get Library Override working with Text objects?

I’m on 2.92(master@725093)

Edit: Also, thanks @mont29 for an amazing job getting Library Overrides this far!

Essentially, overrides of obdata IDs (like meshes, curves, etc.) are not editable, and won’t be. It would not make much sense, since if those were edited they would basically be completely different than their linked source,.
So one can just as well add local copies of those, edit them as desired, and link them to overrides of Object data-blocks.

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