Level of Detail [addon]

Updated to Lodify 0.2 with a new batch proxy generation tool,
using automatic shrinkwrap

automatic lod alpha optimized

Please note that Lodify will lock interface automatically and don’t forget to use the cleanse data operator often, as deleting assets with lod’s will keep it in the blend data.


This solution of downloading the master zip, opening it and installing the python file solved my error message when installing.

Just a question, is there a turtorial or larger gif that shows exactly what you did there?

Hi ! I don’t know if this has been discussed further but do you think this could be implemented soon ?

No that’s not possible with python, it would create a direct conflict with blender instancing system

So you can’t “just” get the position of the camera, and the position of the selected object and depending on the distance between the two make a LOD automatically apply?
Even using multithreading or just a refresh button?

It could work but it’s not worth it if instances are not supported
If a whole forest made of instanced trees can’t support the lod switch system what’s the point ?

Need suggestion why not working for me. What i did i created a cylinder and given rigid body and drop in the bowl. Then i shift+d and made several copies to side and a stack also and drop into the bowl to make a shape. Then i deleted all they frame and got the shape and the cylinder.


With the high mesh i have set.

When trying to render. Only 1 side cylinder change to high mesh

So why other cylinder in the bowl did not render. How it will work. Thanks for the addon.

Two problems in your methodology:
-You used Shift-D before setting your LOD, thus all your copies currently don’t have any LOD set up.
-you might want to use alt+D for this case. i’d advise to learn the difference between making duplicates and copies. :slight_smile:

I may need a file sample in order to understand your problem more deeply if the two advices here above didn’t help


I tried object Data. With 1 cylinder selected shift selected ctrl+L object Data. Converted all the mesh to single Data. Still not not working. Will plz you can try with my file link given below.

Blend file

No It’s working correctly
It’s just that you did a bit weird stuff with first of all duplicating the model instead of instancing it, doing the LOD set up after duplicating everything and hoping that it would apply to all copies somehow & also there was error in transforms, where the high transforms wasn’t the same as the proxy transform

Here is the corrected file

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I updated Lodify with v0.3

since 2.92 rendered view were not detected anymore by depsgraph update, the rendered view state detection is done via timer now


I’ve used this addon and its literally my salvation, i make rigs and stuff and i used it for a complex one with a lot of tiny high quality objects, works amazingly nice after linking to another scene

exept when the addon is not installed, is there a way to link the script within a rig to force this kind of action when the addon is not present?

love your work and thanks too



You will note that, although it’s working with rigs, the blender team designed their own pipeline based solution

As for non-scripting solution, you will need to disable lodify on all your model when sending the file to a render farm for example. No other solutions unfortunately

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fr? haven’t seen anything like this so I assumed this was the only way to easily change between lods, is it another addon?

No it’s their library override/old proxy system

Hey, i’d like to know if proxify would work with linked assets.
For example, if i have a .blend containing only the reference of heavy assets, as collection intance for example, would it be possible to load only the LOD version in the current scene, and load the HD version in render or if i click on a button ?

This is for example some Imeshh assets, the creator is from architecture modeling and add 12 surburf on every mesh, and they are very heavy and not to scale.

As there is no working asset manager yet, it’s easier to make a python script to link all to the scene, and use the scene to get inspiration of what to use. But if i link all imeshh collection the scene would take years to load all geometry to my ram, until the swap as i only have 64gigs.

What would be great is to have a collection of .blend, each having LOD generated per object or per collection, and linking only the simplified one to block out the scene, and use the HD version when needed (or LOD1, LOD2, LOD3 depending on object size relative to camera).


I’ll update lodify for blender 3.0 :slight_smile:
I should be able to port lodify principle to a geometry node modifier, that should work well with linked assets
i still need to do some research about it but it looks promising


It actually works. In the attached example I have an asset with three lods. in the proxy lod I active lodify setting the other two lod. In the scene file I link the proxy object, I make it local (only object) and everything works without any mesh being loaded into the scene (all linked).

asset file
main scene file

if you have to send your file to a render farm it’s better to enable the lod system in the lod0 object, so without the addon it will work just the same.

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Append seems to work fine, but link object or collection doesn’t work the same way.

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