"Layers" Nodes For shader editor (DEV)

Hi dears devs, i wanna put a new nodes in shader editor named “Layers”.
Technically he look like 2 imputs

  • Image - Color
  • Alpha

And 2 outputs

  • Image - Color
  • Alpha
    And a factor for the final opacity image compiled
    and we have a button for add some Layers and a textbox for change the layers position, in facts “1” stay in the top and the icon top follow the number “1” same for 2 and when the value is higher than or equal to 3 the bottom icon stay at the bot of the textbox. i have designed my own he look like this :

I have a right way for make this node real using Python and PILLOW

    • PIL (PILLOW) have a pretty simple system for this system and he run perfectly.

And now my question and where to begin for create this nodes, is it my first project for Blender and i want collaborate for help this amazing software :slight_smile:

And later i want introduce this node too :

Thanks for help


I like your enthusiasm, but this is in most part achievable with a simple node group setup.
Ofc you cant extend a node group dynamically like in your mockup but most of it is already existing functionality.

I also think your UI design should be more coherent with the current one. (no vertical Sliders)
And what actually does the factor do? technically, what does it control?
Also I dont know if PIL can be shipped with vanilla blender due to licensing issues. Just be aware of that. Your mockup could still work great as an addon!

But all this shouldnt deter you from your dreams, go at it and learn!
Maybe youll become a great Contributer, and we all need those.
The enthusiasm seems to be there. :wink:

i’ll appreciate it :slight_smile: !
Hum i thinks a little variation for different node is better than introduce same time the same configuration… and is clearly visible ! with a Helper icon for indicate what is going, is a factor for determinate the final opacity of the image 1.000 = No transparency 0% / 0.000 = Transparency 100%.

Yeah sure i know with a lot of node we can have the same result … but you know the problems is take a few node for the result and is pretty hard and take a long time and use more memory because you have more nodes… for a beginner for exemple to know how node take for make the result is really hard… Here juste one node ! And your done ! All users have an interpretation like “LAYERING” is simple for everybody, and a lot of people want this function since a long time… And is time for concrets it ! Yeah at the start the goal is just an community add-on… or if can implement it in blender like a new node natively, is better ! I thinks is all people want !

Humm… yeah i seen for thee PIL license, but if it make some problems, i can paid somebody for dev an alternative…and put it OpenSource, is just a library…

But clearly i seen is difficult to create in python… i don’t find anything… AND in c++ i really don’t know… if one dev want work with me i’m very ok ! Because alone, i think i’m not able to make this real :confused: