Lanching Build in a File Explorer Gives: No ':' in the uri

I’ve been trying to upload a build onto GraphicAll. Up to now, I’ve always had the popup error No ‘:’ in the uri when trying to run blender-git / build_linux / bin / blender by clicking it in a file explorer. This has never been an issue since it is possible to run it via a terminal. However, this error also appears in the files that CPack creates. It’d be nice if there were some way to fix this before uploading the CPack file onto GraphicAll, so that users who download it wouldn’t need to use a terminal.

Try tagging -no-pie to your linker flags.

Thanks! That works. Now a GraphicAll problem:
After waiting a minute for it to upload, a popup on GraphicAll said: “uploaded bytes exceed file size” any idea what I’m doing wrong? The CPack zip says it’s 125 MB.

Yeah i have the same issue with my builds, the GA server admins are traveling and should be back next week so i think we’ll just have to wait this one out.

unrelated (and won’t fix your issue, mine are 75MB and it still errors out), you may consider calling cpack with -G TBZ2 it’ll make much smaller files which is nice for the people that download your builds.

Hmm, my file: blender-2.81.0-git20190808.fc7bdfe9317b-x86_64.tar.bz2 is 116MB.
For reference, it’s 279MB once extracted, which is mainly because of the 68MB program “blender”, and a folder “2.81” with 210MB, containing datafiles, python, and scripts folders. Is there some dead weight here?

I do only windows builds where i compress with 7Z but these are the sizes i have

341MB extracted, 79MB Compressed.

I kinda assumed bz2 would do a better job honestly.

Just an update: GA seems to be in working order again.