Keymap location when BLENDER_USER_SCRIPT is set

Dear all,

I am launching Blender 2.83.1 with an environment where BLENDER_USER_SCRIPT is set and points to a custom path (let’s say /my/custom/path/)

With this environment, the keymaps aren’t created and stored at %appdata%/presets but at this /my/custom/path/presets. However the user config is still at %appdata%/config

I’d like to confirm whether this is the expected behaviour in this context, with the keymaps and the user config at different locations.

The user config has its own dedicated environment variable: BLENDER_USER_CONFIG. See a list of the most common env variables in this post.

So the behavior you see is to be expected, as the location of user config is not overridden in your example.

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My question was more about whether the keymaps are considered part of the user config or not (and hence stored together), but you have just confirmed this is the expected behaviour, having them stored at different locations.

Thank you!

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